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I have 2 Seagate 300GB drives that I had attached to a Silicon Image 3512. Now both drives are not detected in BIOS or setup. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Duplicate thread. Please respond in

    OP, please do not post actual contact information on the forum.
  2. Is the Silicon Image 3512 part of the motherboard or an addin card?
  3. Yes the SI 3512 is a PCI card. I hooked both drives up directly to MB, no go.
  4. Other SATA drives work fine.
  5. When your computer starts up, hit "CTRL-S" or F4 when you see the message: "Press CTRL-S or F4 to enter RAID utility" This screen should come up a few seconds after you start your computer.
    When you get to this screen, see if your hard drives are there.
    Also, I need to know if you got your motherboard BIOS setup to "Enable" addon BIOS cards. If you can tell me what make/model of motherboard you have, it would be great, thanks.
  6. Also, if you do not see the message "Press CTRL-S or F4 to enter RAID utility", it means the 3512 Addon card BIOS is not enabled in your Motherboard bios.
  7. I'm trying so hard to not get angry with any of the posts here, because obviously you think that I just opened the box of a PC, turned it on and now my HDD's don't work.

    My first computer was an IBM XT 4mhz double clocked @ 8.3mhz with a 10MB HDD that was compressed with SuperStor. My first operating system was DOS 3.0. Used QuickMenu before Windows 2.0.

    286, 386, 486DX, AMD 586, Pentium I, II, III, IV... Jumper settings; the whole gamut. I can build a PC in under an hour (with the case and the rest of the parts: PS, MB, CPU, fan, video card...)

    Can anyone think OUTSIDE THE BOX for once.

    There IS power to the HDD's. They WERE - past tense hooked to the SI 3512.

    MB has 2 SATA connectors. Other drives work fine. It's just that the drives that were hooked to the SI 3512 (Yes it is an add-on - NOT THE ISSUE), are now not detected.

    Can the data be retrieved without spending $82,000 (hypothecially)?

    Good news is appreciated.

    May this be a GOOD year in everyone's life who have helped or will help with this task.

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