SATA Hard Drive Not Detected in BIOS or Setup


I have 2 Seagate 300GB drives that I had attached to a Silicon Image 3512. Now both drives are not detected in BIOS or setup. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Well, the first guess is that your SI 3512 (which is a chip) is on an add-in card, and the add-in card is not working.

    Please tell
    What kind of motherboard or prebuilt machine?
    Is the SI 3512 mounted on the motherboard, or on an controller card? If the latter, what model of controller card?
    Are there other drives on this machine that are detected? What are they attached to?
    Did any drive attached to the SI 3512 ever get detected, or is this a new situation that is not working as expected?
    Have these drives ever worked on any machine, or are they new?

    And it's always a good idea to re-seat the power and data cables, just to test.
  2. It sounds like a secondary controller on the motherboard. If this is the case, it proabably just needs enabled in the bios.
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