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I bought a laptop for my personal use an year back.. Although, it was from a leading computers' manufacturing firm, I've gone through series of hardware failures within the one year. That's not the end, I was covered with warranty so I managed to replace the items which were malfunctioning or completely gone dead. Now I am out of warranty and am not wiling to spend any money for repairing or replacing it unless I get a minimum of 3-5 years warranty cover for hardware components from the manufacturer or any third-party trustful source at convenient charge. What do you think should I look out for some source or simply dump the one which is causing trouble??
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  1. Over the last year or more there have been problems with some laptops from a few well known vendors.
    though they were related to the on board graphics chipset over heating.
    The graphics chip`s in question were the 8600 GS or 8600 GT chip by Nvidia.
    Though i am not saying this is your problem, but in most cases all the laptop manufacturer did was replace the whole board with the same chipset
    And as you can guess the same problem would happen again with the laptop a few weeks, or months later.

    If this is the case then it would be best to think about buying a new laptop, and avoid one with the two graphics chips i have mentioned here.
    But since you never stated exactly what the problem was with the laptop.
    Just a bit of info for you.
  2. In the EU, you now have the right to 2 years warranty and in the UK claim that it wasn't fit for its intended purpose via Trading Standards.
  3. Re: Hardware Failure
    It seems you have gone through a rough patch of time.. You didn't mention the company, if u did it would have helped a lot of us..

    Fun apart.. Most of the users don't go for a cover such a big time 3-5 yrs but since you have repeated hardware failures and must have spent big bucks for repairing it, I can comprehend the situation.

    I covered (Warranty protection) most of my home electronic appliances thru (cpscentral.com) and they are good.. although my netbook is covered under the manufacturer (Dell). If u feel it is worth spending go for it as you gonna cover not just your computer but also other essential things as well..
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