Can't OC NB past 2200mhz

Hello, I'm currently using my ol' Phenom II x4 955BE (C2 stepping). I currently have it overclocked to 3.6 @ 1.375v and the NB overclocked to 2200 @ stock volts. I'd like to try and raise the NB more because I hear it can bring significant performance increases with deneb chips.

The problem is, whenever I try to raise the NB/CPU frequency even to 2400 I get post followed by a screen saying I need to revert settings. Doesn't seem to matter what I do with the voltages, I just get this screen telling me to pick a cmos or revert to last safe settings.

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong here? I've heard of people getting close to 3000mhz on the NB with this cpu.
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  1. Bump (if you're not allowed to do that here, please let me know). Still can't get my NB-CPU past 2.2ghz. Anyone have a similar problem, a solution, or related advice?

    I'm wondering if it's related to my mobo. I think I'll try flashing the latest bios and see if that helps.
  2. Well looks like I may have answered my own question. It appears that NB can only be increased in relation to cpu speed (assuming this post is correct). Guess I'll try to hit 3.8!
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