HAF 932 Advanced & Corsair H100

Anyone in the community here running the HAF Advanced with the Corsair H100?
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  1. I am not, but I'm sure if you posted the questions you have people can answer easier.
  2. H100 should fit anywhere you have 2x120mm fan mounts.
  3. I just wanted to make sure that taking the Top fan out was 100% necessary?
  4. It most likely is, and for 2 reasons:

    1. The mounting of the 230mm fan up top is probably different than standard 120mm fan mounting (which is what will be on the H100 rad)

    2. If the mounting is the same, performance will be better with the 2x120mm fans instead of the 230mm fan already mounted, and it would not be good to run all 3 fans at once
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