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Since I installed Avira AntiVir, whenever it detected a trojan horse, or adware, or virus, or something, I always had a choice to move it to quarantine or delete it. I always move it to qurantine, because I'm afraid that the infected file is something that I really need, or is important. But I'm afraid to open my quarantine folder and check out what the files are, incase I somehow let the files out of the qurantine somehow, roaming around to infect my computer. I'm not sure what to do, or how to delete them anyways. When an infected file is in quarantine, can it infect or do any more harm to your computer, or are you safe from it? How do I check what the files in my quarantine without letting the virus out into my computer? Should I delete my quarantined files, or are they safe to stay in the quarantine? And HOW do I delete them? I use Avira AntiVir Personal -Free Antivirus program.

whats the difference? if i move it too quarantine what does that do? and if i delete it what does that do?

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  1. Try to install eset smart security or avast antivirus. Because avira antivirus considers most of .exe files (including windows system files) as a virus but that files are not a virus.

    I had that problem, i was uninstalled avira and installed eset smart security, Now my system is perfectly fine.
  2. thanks for quick rep..
  3. Most Welcome.
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