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my computer is lagging its not overheating has no viruses and has all good components im running windows 7 64bit.
can a motherboard be the source of lag if not any other ideas
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  1. Some more info might be what good components are we talking about ? When does if lag ect.
  2. watching videos playing games like starcraft 2 and world of warcraft
    i bought it from one of those overpriced pre built computer websites.
    nvidia 8800gt
    amd turion 3.1 dual core
    700 watt power supply
    good case and a decent hard drive
    i just upgraded the case originally i thought it was heat because my computer was always overheating but
  3. now my temps are fine and it still lags
  4. Turion is a laptop processor right? Also how much memory do you have ? Windows 7 x64 likes having 4GB of RAM to run smoothly.
    How full is your hard drive and have you defragged it recently?

    The Turion and 8800GT are getting a bit old but should still be decent although I am not sure how well they would do with Windows 7 x64.
  5. sorry i meant Athlon 64. and i have 4gb of ram
  6. This is a duplicate thread. The other one is at
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