Which chipset is the best??

hi everyone,

I need to know that among the following chipsets which one is the best and by what margin they differ from each other,
amd 785g, amd 790gx,amd 890gx,nvidia nforce 730i, nvidia 9400 chipset

I know that any graphic card will be better than these chipset but i want to know only about chipsets which one is the best.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. my guess would be 890gx for integrated..
  2. 890gx its better then others....
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    Depends for what. For the integrated graphics, the 890GX as stated, it has the fastest GPU - the ATi Radeon HD 4290. After that comes the HD 3300 which performs very closely to the HD 4290, (a frame or two difference) however the HD 4290 has slightly better power consumption and does feature DirectX 10.1 support.

    Neither will play modern games at decent rates - but if you are planning an HTPC for example, then the 785G chipset would suffice.

    After that the nVidia GeForce 9400, then nForce 730a (730i is for Intel) which has the GeForce 8200 GPU on it.

    If you really only need to use office applications, and nothing which needs graphical acceleration, go for the cheapest board available - the one based on the nForce 730a I'd suspect.
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