AMD II x4 955 BE @ 4.0 Ok to run at temp

Hello Everyone,

New to the forums and new to the custom computer builds. I use mostly use my computer for gaming. However I recently used AMD overclock to increase my CPU to 4.0. It is running idle at 44c. I use Hyper 212 plus and artic silver 5 and applied it perfectly (watched countless videos and used a thin layer with a credit card). Please help in lowering temperature or anything that will help (room temp around 26c). Is it ok to run at 44c idle? Thanks in advance.

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  1. This might help you:

    I also recommend overclocking through the BIOS, because the system will be more stable.
  2. yes definitely overclock through your bios. what are temps at full load? 44c at idle seems slightly high for that chip, but assuming you max temps at load are hovering around 65c or less you should be okay. 4.0GHz is a pretty hefty OC.
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