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4,8, or 16 GB of RAM for Window 7 64bit

I plan to build a new rig with windows 7 ultimate 64bit, core i7 870, and 64gb SSD as my main hardisk.

I was wondering what would be optimal amount of ram for my system.
Initially i plan to go with 8gb, but after i read this article.,2264.html
I fee like maybe 8gb might be an overkill.

(my current 4gb vista 32 bit rig feel quite slow when i use msn vdo call and other program at the same time)
Should i go for 4gb, 8gb, or 16gb?
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  1. Depends on your usage.
    4GB is currently enough for apps/games,however if you do lots of Image/Video rendering(many projects opened at the same time),then go with 8GB.
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    If you're like me and like to keep a bunch of apps running at the same time the extra memory will aslo benefit you as the OS won't have to swap to disk as often. I have Win7 x64 with 8 gig and I'm quite pleased with it. I originally had 4 gig in it and I've noticed it's a lot smoother switching between apps with the extra 4 gig.
  3. 6gb will do as i have. Win 7 64bit requires 1gb just to run itself. You might have 1/2 gb just to run extra apps in the background like antivirus, antispyware, defragmenter, registry fixers, updaters.... so 2gb is enough to run the system with your apps in the background... you would want an extra 4gb to run games, burning software, music production, video editing and stuff. 6gb will do just fine... unless you plan on playing games and hearing music and burning software all at the same time, then go with 8gb.
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  5. So i guess it would be for me to get 8gb then.
    Guess 16gb will be overkill for now.
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