ASRock z77 extreme4 help!

Hello, i recently built a new rig and i went to oc it but when i went into uefi and started the procedure
i noticed it wont let me change the turbo boost to manual. All it says is enabled and disabled. Again my motherboard is a ASRock z77 extreme4. Please help!
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    Just took a look at the manual and I see what you're talking about, but you don't need to change the Turbo multipliers to OC anyway (I don't, even on my Asus board. I just use the main multiplier to OC). For you, that's listed as "CPU Ratio" (the first option available in the OC Tweaker menu).

    The way it's described in the manual, it makes it sound like it may control the Turbo multipliers somehow too, but I'm just guessing that it's only the main multiplier.
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