I7 Gaming Rig

Hi guys, thanks for viewing.

I've been looking around for parts on newegg, and I think I put together the PC that I really need for gaming. Just give your opinions, what'd you'd change, etc. Thanks!

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  1. ^ That is a good build...but few suggestions...
    1. Mobo - You can check out this one too -
    ASRock X58 Extreme...

    2. RAM - A cheaper one but by no means a lower quality one -
    Crucial 6GB - Don't be fooled by the given speed and timings...It can easily be overclock to 1600MHz with CAS 8...Check its reviews in newegg and here at TOMS...

    3. Definitely the PSU - You wont need 1000W IMO...
    For HD 5870 crossfire, this 850W would do just fine...And actually will be better than that 1000W

    If you want a modular one -

    Thermal grease - These unlike AS 5 need no curring time and are electrically non-conductive...

    CASE - For that price, might as well check out this case too...
    CM Stacker -

    Graphics card -
    ASUS 5870 - Cheaper + Free shipping + 3 years warranty...
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