How would I set up a SSD boot/cache drive?

I'm planning on getting the Mushkin Enhanced Chronos 60GB SATA III SSD. I have heard that you can take the 20GB needed on such a drive and place the OS on it making it the boot drive, then take the reamaining 40gb and use it for cache using Intel Smart Response.

I have the MSI Z68A-G45 (B3) LGA 1155 Intel Z68 motherboard and the Intel Core i3-2120 incorporated in my planned build so I believe it would be doable, but how?
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  1. Skip the Intel caching. It just doesn't work very well. Tom's concluded, when it came out, that it makes more sense just to manually manage your data. Put specific apps on the SSD and leave your media and documents on the HDD.,2938-9.html
  2. ^^ that's what I did and it worked out great. I'm using a OCZ Vertex 3 60GB on SATA3. I installed win7 64bit home premie on it and it works flawlessly. I also installed all necessary apps and programs that will remain permanently on my machine, like security essentials, afterburner, asrock tuner, etc. Everything else, including games, documents, music, are being thrown on a WD 1TB Caviar Black on SATA3.

    The Caviar Black compared to the Vertex 3 my windows bootup time dropped from 35 seconds (from BIOS to desktop) down to 14 seconds!!
  3. @mugenkid, I just bought an OCZ Vertex 3 60GB, and I'm planning on doing that as well : D

    The caching would be a waste of 40GB.
  4. so to save on money would it be better to just go with a p67? or are there other features of the z68 that make it worth while?
  5. Smart caching is a useless thing
  6. mugenkid18 said:
    The Caviar Black compared to the Vertex 3 my windows bootup time dropped from 35 seconds (from BIOS to desktop) down to 14 seconds!!

    I went from 21.2 seconds on the Barracuda XT to 15.6 seconds on the Vertex 3 Max IOPS 120 GB....I measured from power button press to desktop.
  7. SSD user - not must but use SSD Tweaker - will give you guys better speed and life time of SSD.

    SSD + RAMDisk = lol heaven

    TAMP and internet history cache on RAMDisk = recommend.

    til 4GB is free for forever tool is here

    512mb (person who have at least 2GB) ~ 2GB (person who have more then 8GB)

    Less then a 2GB please don't use this software use readyboost.

    good luck guys~ !!
  8. With the reliability problems I have experienced with SSDs (2/4 failed, plus one RMA I got back), I'd be inclined to try the SSD as a cache for SRT along with a mechanical drive. Safety >> Speed.
  9. Just back up. If you've got your data in multiple places, speed>safety for the drive you actually use.
    If you don't have a backup drive, get one ASAP.
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