sysdm.cpl file is missing

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  1. OK, since you mentioned sysdm.cpl, I'm guessing you already checked in System 32 folder.
    U can try and run a chkdsk, sfc /scannow from run,cmd or, you can try to replace it with a backed up copy from your own Windows.

    So, if the scans don't work try this:
    System files almost always have backups somewhere.
    This has one (I checked on my XP) in Dll Cache folder in System 32.
    But to view Dll Cache folder, u need to make sure that Show All Filed And Folders are checked and the Hide Protecting Operating system files is unchecked in Folder options.
    Then, go to C:\Windows and do a search, or go directlly to DllCache and locate sysdm.cpl.
    Copy it and place it in the System 32 folder and try to open it.
    Let me know if it worked.

    And just in case I would do a Malwarebytes scan on your PC.

  2. Thanks for your quick reply but that didnt work.I did a complete installation with original disk,and it would not install.any other suggestions.Is there any where i can download sysdm.cpl from.
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    Did U not find a copy in Dll cache?
    Did U do the Start>run > cmd> sfc /scannow?

    Try copying from cd (from the i386 folder) to your system32 dir and re-register them.
    Start>Run> and type :
    regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\sysmd.cpl

    It might also be a group policy setting. A restriction. Are you an admin?

    You reinstalled Windows ?! and u still don't have the file? (did U get an error on the installation about it , or U just find out yourself it isn't in System 32 after?)
    I would blame the cd then. Can U borrow another cd from someone?

    I know, I know, sorry, .....many questions!

  4. Try to download and paste that file on exact missing location.
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  6. Thanks me 1 for your help.I was able to copy sysdm.cpl from another copy of xp pro and pasted into sys32 folder.It solved the problem I was having.Thanks to everyones else suggestions.
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