3570k 4.5 Ghz load temps

I recently overclocked my 3570k to 4.5ghz and have been messing with the voltages trying to get them as low as possible with stability.

I finally found the lowest voltage possible for stability at 1.155 on Vcore.

I ran Prime95 for a few hours as to test the stability and there were no problems, errors or bsods or reboots. Everything appears to be A-ok

However, i got a highest temp of 76C on the hottest core. I also have C1E turned off along with all C - States, Speedstep and Turbo. Granted i turned off my rooms A/C so the room was alittle hotter than usual so those temps may go down slightly

My question was, are these load temps ok? Is having C1E and ect turned off dangerous in anyway? and finally, are these temps going to put my CPU's lifespan in danger and if so how long might it last? Ive also been reading that temps around 80C for load are perfectly ok, i just want a second opinion, if someone could please put my heart and mind at ease i would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you
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  1. also on a side note, im running LLC at level 2 on ASrock extreme4 z77
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