Do i need a new motherboard

hi i recently bought a motherboard from ebay (jetway alioth ge rev 1) and it seems
all of the large capacitors next to the cpu are bulging a bit
i dont know if this is a problem but the rest dont seem to be the same
also could this be why the cpu overheats alot
i know the cpu has no problems with it because it worked with my old d845gerg2

here are the rest of my new specs incase you need them
intel pentium 4 2.4ghz non htt
jetway alioth ge rev 1
1024mb corsair 266mhz non ecc non reg ddr ram
450 watt power supply
seagate barracuda 160gb hard disk
pci wireless card netgear wg311t

thanks in advance
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  1. Based on your comment "bulging", I would say it is a matter of time before your motherboard dies (could be hours, could be months). I would starting looking for replacement options down the road.
  2. look at this : i have looked at the mobo and these are what i need but would it fix it

    and are the capacitors causing cpu overheating
  3. I can't say if it will fix it or not but worth a shot at that price and if you feel comfortable doing it.

    I can't say with a 100% certainty if that is your cause for your CPU overheating. I'm sure it is playing somewhat of a factor. I would recommend removing your heat sink, cleaning off the thermal compound and reapplying compound & the heat sink. If you don't see an improvement than it points to the capacitors.
  4. also can i replace the capacitor with any alternatives or do i have to use the same ones again
  5. I would use the same ones to be on the safe side, if you are going to replace the capacitors.
  6. ive ordered them and theyre on the way now i will post an update when ive soldered the on
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