Can you build this?

I would love to get all the details on building this DIY-PC.

I want to build it, but I would really get more out of your explanations.


Mark Lalmond
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  1. that seems like a terrible system......

    ugh at the graphics card.....and why are they using the HDD's they are....they wasted money on the extra ram
  2. ^+1... The system isn't cost effective, plus they list the 902 for the case but build with a 900 based on the pictures.

    If you want to build your own PC, we are here to help.

    1) Read through this sticky of mine to walk you through building one...

    2) Read through this sticky of mine to get ideas on possible builds and pricing (I recommend the i7 860 build)...

    3) Post your proposed build here or in a new post for review and feedback...

    Good luck with your build!!!
  3. Wow you got the goods! I'm no pro pc builder, more into video production. I've built a few pc's and fixed many, but I failed to keep up with the advancements in components. I bookmarked both your pages and I will start studying. Big thanks!

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