Acceptable i7 4 Ghz temps?

After running Prime95 with small FFTs for 3 hours I got these temps

73 71 72 71 average 75 72 74 72 max

These are on a i7 920 OCd to 4 Ghz with a noctua NH-D14 in an Antec 1200 (all but 1 fan on lowest setting, that 1 fan is on medium) and with Arctic Silver 5 compound.

This is the day I put AS5 on so it would heal but I'm getting Arctic Cooling MX-3 of a friend tommorow so I'll be switching it then.
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  1. Those are fine.
  2. They are a tad warm but acceptable.
  3. Might want to make sure other parts of your board aren't getting too hot also. Seems like the voltage regulators on mine were sizzling hot when overclocked.
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