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Anyways. I've got a question. I have a relatively older system. I'm using an old Thermaletake Silent PurePower 480W PSU. If I can recall correctly, it has a single 12v Rail @ 18A. My question is, with the new parts coming in, am I going to new to upgrade my PSU? Am I in danger of baking my machine into oblivion? I have a x1950 Pro PCI-E which i'll still be using.. I'm just concerned. Advice?
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  1. Well you could probably use it anyway. But I wouldn't do it for long. I'd upgrade it when you can.
  2. The graphics card it the primary determiner of the PSU required. If you keep the same gpu, the psu should still work.
  3. Well your whole system is unlikely to use 270W under full load, so as long as that PSU isn't knackered I also think that it should be fine.
  4. it is fine.
  5. great, thanks everyone. :)
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