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Alright. I have a fairly decent P55 System, GTX275, 4 GB Ram, i5 750, 1KW Corsair PSU, and a MID SIZED case.

Im thinking of a E-ATX case because of my future upgrades....SLI GTX 485, UD7 (Gigabyte) from my UD4P. and a GTX 275 For Physx. Anyways, I need a new case, to fit the LARGE cards such as a 5970 just incase. I also plan to have a Water Cooling, which i will need to learn how to do, buts its not relevant. I need a fairly large case, probs E-ATX, not over 300 Bucks, some nice cable management, and able to fit my HX1000W, and my GFX cards with ease. Help Will Be Greatly Appreciated.

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  1. Coolermaster HAF 932 - It's a huge beast that easily meets your requirements:
  2. Thanks. Any Other Suggestions. Like How About The 800D?
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    The problem is the e-atx motherboard. That pretty much restricts you to full tower cases. Even then, not all full tower cases can accomodate a e-atx motherboard. On top of that the case has to be well over 20 inches in length and preferably closer to 24 inches from front to back to accomodate the longer video cards. Not all full tower cases are that long. Finally, you'll most likely need a case that is at least 8 inches wide.

    You'd have to check the specification for each one:
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  5. I went with the HAF 932, I'm going to mod it a little, add a few fan filters, paint the inside matte black, blue led. It's going to spice up my build.
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