Audio issues after installing GTX 280

I just installed a 1GB GTX 280 and a Corsair 550W power supply into my PC. I have a Dell Dimension 9200 Quad Core 2.66 Ghz running Vista 32 bit and 4 gigs of Ram.

It seems that when the graphics card starts running anything beyond normal use the my audio starts slowing down, sort of sounds like reverb. My sound card is a basic SB Audgiy. It almost seems like the Graphics and Audio cards are conflicting.
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  1. Video Card Driver:
    Did you unstall the OLD video card driver before loading the new one? You can use 3rd party driver remover as well.

    If the video card driver clean-up/update does not fix it you may need to update your sound driver as well.

    Sound Driver:
    Unload the OLD SB-Audigy driver. Load the latest driver from creative web site.
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