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Hey everyone,

So I have an issue and after about 4 or 5 hours of google-ing for I'm not even sure what, I have come here to defer to your wisdom.

I have a Nintendo DS lite. The Nintendo DS can go online, but can only do so using a wep key. Recently, my dad changed our network to use wpa/wpa2.

I have 2 routers, both linksys wrt54g. One is being used, and one is collecting dust in the garage.

So here is the question - my dad doesn't want to downgrade the security to wep and I agree with him, however we still need to get the ds to use internet. After having looked online, I am confident that using 2 routers - 1 wpa, and the other plugged into it wep, we can get things to work. My question is how do i go about doing that.

I am very wary of making changes as my dad runs his business out of our home computer and I have no desire to mess that up. This is my first foray into network information, so please pardon me if i dont make sense in my use of the terms. To reiterate, I want a safe way for my ds to use a wep key on our network that is currently and will remain wpa/wpa2.

Thanks for any help yall can give!

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  1. This is for a Netgear cable router but the wiring diagram is right and most of the instructions -- the advice on how to access the setup screens is incorrect for most ADSL routers. For this type of setup any wireless router will do -- even one that has been customised to work with an ISP (and is thus very cheap to buy seconhand)

    See link:http://kb.netgear.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/965
  2. http://www.maximumpc.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=103492

    The above is a question someone asked about creating an open wifi connection for guest users while not compromising his private network. It includes my suggestions about using two routers for this purpose and the proper configuration. The principles are the same, only you are considering the use of WEP for the public network (because WEP is easily hacked, it is for all intents and purposes public).

    Read it over, if you have questions, just ask.
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