New SATA HDD initiation problem

I added a new HDD(500GB SATA) to the motherboard. The new HDD has been recognised by Windows 7 but system restarts repeatedly due to some unknown error. What are the possible issues involved in resolving this problem?
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    Can you please supply some more information about your hardware, like what make of HDD are you using, what motherboard, what PSU?

    I'd be surprised if you needed a special driver for this HDD, but have you checked the manufacturer's website?

    Do you get the same problem if you plug it into different SATA ports on the motherboard?

    Does this HDD work in any other computer, if you've got access to any others?

    A possible source of error information is the Event viewer under Admin tools. Look for any warnings/errors that mention your HDD.

    Also, check the SMART status of your HDD using SpeedFan or SiSoftware's Sandra. Maybe the HDD is already failing fresh out of the box.
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  3. Thank you for the kind reply and help.
    In the meanwhile I changed the position of HDD connecting points in the mother board (SATA ports) and found that both the first HDD and second HDD works fine at secondary position only.
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