ATI 4770+Generic 300W PSU

Hi can i run ati 4770 with 300w generic psu
My pc Specification

Athlon II X2 240 2.8Ghz
Biostar Motherboard
80GB Sata Drive
1GB DDR2 Kingston
1 USB Genius Webcam

I dont have cdrom/dvdrom other extra device attached

I plan to play mass effect and dragon age origin @ 1280x1024 or 1440x900 Max setting

i check the psu calculator says i only need 147w or 165w

can i play DAO @8600GT max setting @ 800x600 or 1027x768?
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  1. You probably can with a molex to 6-pin adapter, BUT it's not guaranteed.
    If you're gonna hop under-spec, you should probably try a 4670 instead.

    Remember, Watts = Amps x Volts, so you could have a lot of amps on a low voltage or a few on a high voltage, what is your 12V rail?
  2. can i play max setting with HIS 4670 with 1440x900 resolution all very high graphic and texture setting with 4xaa?
    how about 8600gt can i play doa decently with this card?
  3. you will have problems with a 300W
    get a minimum of 400w Psu.i insist on geting a 500w or 600w psu.

    Give me the full form of the game HIS

    probably you wont be able to play on Max

    if you want to play games on good resolution and graphics get

    ATI 4850 or Nividia 9800GT
  4. HD 4770 is a good card.
    MAke sure your 300W PSU has 15+ Amps on +12V rail.

    Otherwise it'll be a low quality unit and it won't be able to take the load of that card.
  5. Generic=no

    A great, high quality and efficiency PSU to run a 4770 graphic card for only $39 would be the corsair 400cx
  6. Im thinking about HIS 4670 ICQ 512 turbo or 4670 1GB
    how about 9500GT DDR3 512 can it max out DOA at 1024x768?
  7. Check the amps on the +12V rail, then, since this is a generic, multiply by 0.75. Remember you'll be gaming for hours at a time, and if not an outright lie, a generic's rating may be at an unrealistic 25C temperature for a minute, not the more likely 40C continuous. As to performance, Dragon Age recommends a 3850; a 4670 is slightly better, so it should be fine at your stated resolutions.

    Edit: to get rid of the smiley in the game's most common abbreviation.
  8. Best answer
    The answer is a firm maybe. It all depends on your PSUs quality and as a generic unit it could end up being just fine or it could be underpowered and not work. No one here could possibly know. If you are going to give it a try a better choice would be the HD5750 if you can afford it. It's a better card and DX11 while using slightly less power.
    For something slightly more likely to work with your PSU than the HD4770(and about 10% less powerful) there are the newer low power 9800GTs.
  9. hello again i saw this card 7900gs is it good? i saw it onsale for $39 only how about its power consumption
  10. No, that card is old and not particularly good. The HD4770 you mentioned earlier is about twice as powerful.
  11. ok thanks jyjjy seems familiar name to me
    i think this is the specification of my psu

    • Product Name: Cdr-King Power Supply 300 Wattz
    • AC Input 220V 50-60Hz
    • High Efficiency
    • Over-current protection
    • Over-power protection
    • Short circuit protection
    • 100% full load burn-in

    • 4 MOLEX Power connector
    • 1 SATA Power connector
    • 1 4-Pin FDD Power Connector
    • 1 (20 +4) Pin ATX Connector
    • 1 PCI-E Power connector
    • 1 power supply cable
    • 1 ATX 12V

    +3.3v +5v +12v
    16a 15a 14a
    -12v +5vsb
    0.5a 2.0a
    6w 1ow
  12. OK, 14 amps on the +12v rail isn't very good at all. I would stick to something that doesn't need a power connector like the HD4670 or a 9600GT or 9800GT. For the latter two make sure the one you buy one that doesn't have the connector. If you shop on newegg they always have pictures of the cards from multiple angles so the connector should be easy to spot if it's there.
  13. which is better HIS 4670 512 Turbo with 780Mhz or HIS 4670 1GB 750mhz or PC 4670 512 DDR4
  14. The DDR4. The amount of memory doesn't matter as that card isn't powerful enough to use more than 512mb. The clock speeds also don't matter as you can OC the card yourself easily with software.
  15. is this psu good orion500w
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