Home PC - $300-$400

A friend of mine is in need of a new home PC for her family.
BUDGET RANGE: $300-400 before rebates (looking to keep the cost down)
SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Home use, internet, very lite-gaming
MONITOR RESOLUTION: Unknown, needs monitor
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: If it keeps the price down, on-board video is OK. A good LCD monitor for $100 or less available in store at somewhere like Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot, or Office Max would be awesome. Also, looking to include a wifi card.
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    I can almost guarantee you'll find a cheaper monitor (of higher quality) at newegg.

    At that price point, I think your best bet will be a package deal at walmart or something like that. Buying it piecemeal with the PSU, case, keyboard, etc will cost more than a package deal.

    If you insist on building it, you may need to be a bit flexible with the budget.

    I recommend in this case:
    HEC case: around $67 shipped with 585W PSU

    MSI Geofrce 6100 mobo AM3 ready $42

    2 gigs ram take your pick $50

    AMD single core CPU $36

    Although I really recommend at least a dual core for around $53

    DVD burner, take your pick $25

    keyboard $10
    Mouse $10

    18.5 in Acer Monitor: $110

    $367, that's about the cheapest I could build a PC for your friend. I didn't take any shipping into account, but I tried to find free shipping where I could.

    Oh yeah Wireless NIC or dongle. $20-25

    Add $50 for an HD 4650 PCI-e graphics card. Any brand will do.
  2. Thanks, I didn't realize that package deals would be more bang for the buck.
  3. Yeah, build-your-own is not the cheapest route. Manufacturers buy their parts in bulk and get better prices, like buying CPU's by the 1000 lot.

    However, the nice thing about building your own machine is upgrading. Dell and Gateway make nice little machines for mom and pop, or Joe Plumber, but they are a nightmare to try and upgrade. That's becasue Gateway wants you to buy a new machine every 3 years, they make it almost impossible to upgrade the budget machines. I know, because I have tried to upgrade dozens for people, only to tell them that it isn't possible.

    That doesn't sound like an issue for your friend, it sounds like they will be happy with a budget machine for the next couple of years. Plus the monitor and peripherals will be cheaper that way. Hell, they may even throw in a printer!
  4. Don't count out dell, sometimes they will sell their $299 desktop with free shipping and free upgrade which can "sometimes" be a monitor. I would at least review their site a few times.
  5. The cheapest home build computer that I am able to throw together that includes good quality, name brand parts and an OEM windows license is about $550

    That includes a good Antec case, a good Corsair or other tier I/tier II power supply, good name brand DDR3 memory, a dual or tripe core AMD processor, and onboard video. It's decent but about $150 above budget assuming you would need to buy the operating system as well.
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