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Hello, I want to add 3 exhaust fans and 1 intake fan on my case, but I don't know how to select fans? Are there different fans for exhaust and different for intake?
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  1. No they are both the same. They do all come in different sizes. (200mm, 140mm, 120mm, 92mm, 80mm.......etc)

    Make sure your case supports these fans.

    and just a comment: 3 exhaust fans... maybe a bit excessive?
  2. Actually my case is the Corsair 800D, and it supports 3 exhaust fans (120mm) on the top.
  3. Well it seems with the included fans you would have more than enough cooling in the first place. (3 140mm fans is that right?)

    But if you insist on more fans, be my guest and go buy 3 120mm fans. Make sure that you have enough places to plug the fans in. (Mobo, Molex etc.)

    With so many fans, I would be looking at 1000RPM models. 2000RPM models are loud and move a lot of air, but with 3 1000RPM fans you will already move plenty air and it will be a LOT more silent.

    need advice on which fans to choose?
  4. You just turn the fans a different way around for it to be intake/exhaust. Just make sure you have enough intake fans or ventilation though. Antec, Arctic pretty much any decent brand name are all fine, but Id recommend Noctua
  5. Well not entirely the different way around, but more that the intake blows air into the case, and exhaust out. (obviously). Most fans it is quite clear which way the air flows.
    This fan the back end is shown. It has the structure which holds the entire system. This is the end out of which the air comes.

    The other end is usually clear, no structure in front of the blades. only behind.

  6. Just get some of these. They work wonders in my HAF 932 case
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