Hard Drive suddenly switched from NTFS to RAW

A Failing hard drive in my system suddenly switched from NTFS to RAW.

The Drive was starting to cause problems, so i unhooked it, and waited to get a new one. When i hooked up the old one to start backing up my data before it died, it wasn't accessible from "MY COMPUTER".

I Checked disk management, and the file system had changed. It now reads "Healty (At Risk), and Is RAW. It Also Says that There is 100% Free, But There Is (or was) Over 500gb Of Data On it.

The Drive is A Western Digital Caviar Green 640gb (wd6400aacs ).

what I want to know is, What would cause a drive to switch like this, and how I can recover my data with out losing it, or most of it anyways.

Here is a pic of how the drive shows up in Disk management.
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  1. UPDATE--- Using The live linux on Hirens boot CD, I Was Able To Access The Hard Drive And Pull Off The Content That Was on It.
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