CPU temp 40-50 normal 70-73 load is anything wrong?

hi buddies i have some C2Q 9650 3.00 GHz in normal activity i got some temp about 40-50 and in loading e.g when im paying battle field bad comapny 2 my temp is around 70-73 is there anything wrong?or its normal?
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  1. sounds a little high if you're not overclocking, but not problem high.

    what's your cooler?
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    Try cleaning your heat sink, there might be some dust inside the fan or just get new thermal compound or air spray w/e its called.
  3. yeah solved heatsink and silicone peoblem i fix it and i have 50-53 in load mode and now my cpu temp is around 30-40 sometimes got 25 *C. thanx all
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