New system build, South Africa, component advice needed.

Ok, I started looking at putting a pc together a couple of months back ->

Due to misfortune, a family member passed away :( and my fiance and myself had to sort out all the finacial stuff :(

We are now able to get the desired PC. I have added a little on to the budget, but I am now looking for a little profesional help on a few components.

The following parts are already decided on :

CPU : I5 2.6
Cooler : Stock for now, when the system is together I will source a cooler to fit the case I use.
RAM : TEAM PC3-15000 DDR3 4GB Xtreem Low-Voltage 2x2GB Kit (when I get a 64bit OS, I will get another of these)
M.B : MSI P55-GD65
G.P.U : Sparkle GTS250 1GB (later point will get a 2nd card to run in SLi)
HDD : Samsung 230GB
D.V.D : Liteon dvd writter

The following are what I am still undecided on :

P.S.U : Antec TruePower Trio 550w
Zalman ZM500-RS
Corsair VX550W
(please note this must support SLi and the 2 x 140mm fans and 3 x 120mm fans I intend to have running)
Case : Coolermaster Storm Series - Scout
(any other case recomendations are welcome, this is the most I am willing to spend though)

Please bear in mind if you recomend something different, it must be in the same price range and also I don't want to order anything from overseas. I intend on getting parts for this build tomorrow and have everything ready to go by Friday.
All peripherals will be from my existing PC, in the next few months will look at getting a BenQ 18.5" LED monitor and a decent KB and Mouse. For sound I have 2 amps running about 300w RMS and a JBL 15" EON as a active sub (at a 1/4 volume it resonates the glasses in the kitchen) :) :) :)
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  1. hmm... for the extra 50 bucks that looks like its gonna be mine :) :) :)
    You think the case will surfice ?
  2. its a great case
  3. Ok :D I am going to make the calls tomorrow.

    I will post back with results of the build (more to float my own boat I guess)
  4. Just an update, I haven't dropped off the map (yet). I am having seriouse issues with stock at distributors/supliers.

    I have in my possession :
    -boxed Intel I5 750 2.66ghz CPU &
    -Sparkle GTS250 1GB :)

    I have stock on hold of the following :
    -Coolermaster Thermal Fusion 400,
    -EVGA P55 SLI &
    -LITEON DH-24AAS 24x

    I am waiting(they tell me around month end) for the following :
    -Antec EA-650,
    -Coolermaster Storm Series - Scout,
    -Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 ST3320613AS 320GB &
    -TG3X1866LV4GK TEAM PC3-15000 DDR3 4GB Xtreem Low-Voltage 2x2GB Kit (maybe ? ? ?)

    If you recomend any changes to the parts on hold or waiting, please let me know :)
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