Passive cooled 5750 - any good?


I have just ordered a system with the following specs:

MSI P55-CD53 Intel P55 DDR3 socket 1156
Arctic Alpine 11 Pro S775/1156 95w
Arctic Fan 12 120mm 1500RPM 23db
Intel Core i5 750 2.66 GHz 8MB 95W Box Socket 1156
Kingston Value RAM DDR3 4GB PC3-1333 kit CL9
WD Caviar Green WD10EADS 1000GB SATA 32MB-
Antec Sonata 3 Earthwatt 500Watt HD + eSata fron

It is supposed to be a quiet pc and therefore I have also ordered a:

Club 3D Radeon PCI-E HD5750 Passive 1GB DDR5 HDMI

However, I´m not that familiar with passive cooling and I´m a little concerned about the heat it creates and therefore having second thoughts.

Has anybody tried this card yet, and if so could you please tell me how hot it gets in idle and during load and whether this is something to be concerned about?
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  1. If your getting a passive cooled video card make sure your case has good airflow and that some cool air can pass over the GPU.
  2. If u want to gaming then i'm more suggesting u to take the card with active cooler(fan) on it... believe me, your card can be so hot if u just depend on passive cooler... :)
  3. ^+1.
    Passive cooler cards may get pretty hot during gaming.

    Just get something with special type of cooler instead of normal cooler.
    Like this one has a fancy cooler on it...
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