Fast BSOD after scanner install


I have XP pro and it has been working fine.

Someone installed a Canon 8800F scanner but connected first it then installed the driver and software. I since looked at the instructions and they should have not connected it until software was done. They note this as very important that's why I think this driver may be the problem. Anyway this is what happens..

Ever since that it has not booted completely and after an initial Windows Screen with the blue bars going across for a few seconds, a blue screen appear and it reboots.

I have disconnected all drives, all PCI cards except display, changed and removed ram, put in a new power supply,, changed KB and mouses.. nothing else to go really.

At pots it shows drives loading fine.

When I choose SAFE it pauses at the first ntoskrn1 and thn skims thru to mup. Stays awhile then does ot all again.

Have tried Last Known, Normal etc same thing.

I would like to read the blue screen but too fast and I can't get to safe to tell it to pause.

What is my best cause of action please?


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  1. Okay, I finally got to see the BSOD! Its says..

    UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME 0X600000ED, (OX8A6729E0)0X0000C509C, 0X8000000, 0Z8000000

    I have spent hours searching and come across a few ansers.

    Seemed like main one was to get an XP CD get to R 5then do a chkdsk /r

    Thing is I have 8 others XP boxes on my LAN and no idea which is on which.

    I treid one and it said it was a different system and would wipe it all on the install.

    Another Rescure disk i had gave this BSOD error

    STOP ox000007E(0xC000000005) 0XF748EOBF, OxF78DA208, 0xF78D9F08

    pci.sys F7448EOBF base at F7487000,

    Any help please?

  2. Well, the first BSOD indicates the HDD can't be loaded by the OS. The second indicates the low-level PCI driver crashed, which almost certainly points at a driver problem somewhere.
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