Getting issues running 10 DVD drives on single system Windows 7

Hi! Im new to this so here goes my question / problem. I havea customer that has a computer that he uses to burn a ton of movies that he records from events. He had a pc with 10 dvd writers in it that was running on windows xp no problems. The old ide controller cards didnt work with windows 7 so i bought 2 new Silicon Image ATA133 RAID cards, and flashed their bioses to make them ata133 controllers not raid. The drivers are all okay in windows 7 professional 32bit with nothing hookedi nto any ide ports on the pc all is well. Ill post specs b4 the next part myb theres some bug i dont know about.

Motherboard: Gigabyte - GA-EP41-US3L
Processor: Intel - core 2 duo e5300
Ram: Kingston - 2 gb pc6400
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 210 512mb
OS: Windows 7 Professional
IDE Controllers: Silicon Image ATA 133 0680

Okay so the issue is that i can hook up 2 ide cables with 2 dvd drives on each 1 master 1 slave and the pc sees all 4 no probs. I then connect one more cable to the primary slot on the 2nd ide controller also with 2 drives attached, and the pc sees now 6 drives all is well!, This is where the problem comes. If i connect one more drive either onboard ide or in the 2nd ide slot on the 2nd ide controller or via a pci-e ide expansion, windows bugso ut and shows it as a questionmark harddrive. It will do this regardless if i connect 3,4,5 more drives its like he refuses to take more than 6. There was at some point i had him seeing 9 drives but stillt hat one drive that was a questionmark. It slows down the entire system and is a headache, i still havent solved it and am desperate for help. Basically i need to know why this is happening, if its windows 7 or the bios or some other odd reason i havent looked at. I can provide more info if needed. If any1 knows a fix ill be greatfull, i really need this system running 10 dvd drives no problem. Oh yeah btw, i have tried replacing all 10 drives with new ones and still acts stupid, also tried building the same setup on another pc in windows xp and it worked flawlessly. HELP!
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  1. I'm not sure if I understood you completely, but wouldn't everything work when hooked up to one or two SATA PCI cards?
  2. Do you mean he was burning 10 copies of the same recorded event simultaneously or do you mean he was burning 10 copies of 10 different recorded events simultaneously?
  3. Hey. I seem to have solved the issue. The problem was Windows 7 was running some sort of hardware driver installation but without actually saying it was doing just that. After i left the pc running for an hour and then rebooted it (it took the pc about 35 minutes to reboot, lol) it all worked. Not sure why this happend but im glad it finally worked, and yeah it really shouldnt be an issue but who knows. Thanx for your replies and sorry if my post was unclear in any way.
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