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EVGA Geforce 9500 Gt, monitor flashes during the first 5-10 minutes on power up. About a month after install, my monitor will flash on and off during the first few minutes of warm up. I have pulled card, cleaned, reseated and still the same. Downloading new drivers for windows 7 didn't help either. After it warms up, it works just fine, playing call of duty 4 modern warfare 2, flight simulator x, and left 4 dead 2 with no problems.
Running on 1.6 dual core, 2 gb corsair dominator ram. If I pull card and hook up the dvi to mainboard, no problems on power up. Any ideas?
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  1. What PSU make and model do you have, It might be giving crap power to your graphics card.

    This could be a few things i would have thought, might be monitor, moght be motherboard. OR it could be a bad cable going from your monitor to your graphics card.

    I'd put my money on PSU
  2. It sounds like the monitor to me.
  3. Monitor works fine with my other PC. It's running a 2.2 dual core with 2 gb of ram and has a diamond radeon hd 3870 ruby edition. Also using the same dvi cable. Psu is a brand new apower ak series 680w. I've heard there were some problems with this card, but I haven't found anything relative to my issue. I bought the card brand new through ebay, so evga says it's second hand and won't honor warranty. That's understandable, but they won't even give me any ideas as to what it might be. All the other card's i've ever had were ati, never had a problem, this is my 1st geforce, I think its my last. Thank you all for being so helpful, I think I'll try and wire the card to my 220 dryer outlet and then mail it back to evga, let them figure it out!!! Ha! Thanks again!!
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