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Cpu/evo 212 help :)

after 1hr of bf3 my max temp where 60/62/60/60 package 63 i'm using a evo 212, i5 2500k oc 4.8ghz @ 1.34v is it ok to leave it like that ? And yes i did p95 for about 8hrs it was stable but i had my ac on @ 60 c so it was really cold it didn't pass 75c , i'm wondering if i should do push and pull config on the evo 212 so it can be2-3c less, i'm using atm stock evo fan i want to replace them what would be some good fan to replace them with and idc much about noise cos my ac is really laud as long its not over 40-50 db. and also i don't want the fan to be really heavy don't want to strain the mobo also i'm using offset mode overclock or is it just not worth it doing pushpull and should just get a h60/70/80/100 ? Thanks for the help guys.
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  2. will do thanks , was looking at the cougar fans but i'm like srl 15 $ -_- nty
  3. would those also be good to replace my case fans i don't feel like the ones in my case they pull out allot of air i'm going to buy 6 fans for the case and 2 for the cpu cooler .
  4. They are 2000rpm they push nice.
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