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I'm looking to buy a new computer case. One I hope to keep for several years.
It needs to support ATX-Full MB, longer than normal video card, and have the hard drives down at the base of the case.

I'd prefer the case to be compartmentalized in a manner similar to the old HP Blackbird case. I found the design of that case to be very efficient.

I would also prefer the case to have a back panel that I could run my cables through so they wouldn't be inside the primary compartment of the case (except for connections of course).

I'm not worried about cost, and I don't need any bling on the case. I just want a big, and efficient case that will provide excellent cooling.

Does anyone have any ideas?
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  1. For my latest build, I'm using a Lian Li PC-K60WB - Fits the bill. Doesn't have a removable motherboard tray, though. It's steel, not aluminum. And the fittings are plastic. But for a hundred bucks, it's really hard to argue those points. 120mm exhaust fan in the usual place, 3 140mm fans - 2 exhaust in the top, and one at the bottom as an intake. It's a little deeper than a standard case, and will fit the latest (really big) GPU's. PSU mounts in the bottom of the case, as does the HDD rack. Nearly tool~less, with levers and latches for almost everything, including the PCI slots.

    {edit} I did drool over this customized Lian Li V1110A for a long time... But didn't...
  2. HAF 932 fits the role of big and excellent cooling extremely well, has its HDDs at the bottom front, and is absolutely massive so you shouldnt have a problem fitting a 5970 or any other huge card in.
  3. +1 what hunter 315 said.
  4. Can't go wrong with the Antec line, 900, 902, 1200 they are all modular so you can put the HDD's wherever you like, buy a 120 fan for the side and you will never want for cooling. The HAF line is dead sexy as well but I like the looks of the Antec better. Get a 1200(or p193) and you can get the CP Series power supply from Antec that is seriously nice. Finally I am considering the Silverstone Raven RE2, but it may not be to your taste.

    disclaimer: I own an Antec 900 right now.
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