Motherboard fan stopped working, something got fried!

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So Ive recently had trouble with my computer. At first it was just slow on startup but I just thought its because it was old, bit over 5 years. But this week it got worse. I was attacked by a virus, supposedly one that isnt hurtful but just annoying, but after removing it, my computer started freezing on startup, and when It finally started up I would get BSOD after 2 min. So I formatted my harddisks and reinstalled windows, but the problem still existed. I then realised something was probably wrong with some hardware, so I opened up my PC and started my investigation by removing half of my RAM to see if they were causing the problem. When I then fired up my PC, side removed, I noticed the fan on the motherboard wasnt spinning. But the PC started up fine, and even faster than it used to, so I thought, well theres my problem. I then decide to go check my mail, and as i plug in the network cable, the instant its fully plugged in, my PC reboots and goes back to freezing on startup and BSOD. I redid the scenario again, turning off power from PC, removing network cable, turning on and plugging in network cable again. Same thing happened. So what I think is, when the fan on the mobo stopped working, the onboard network controller device got fried. does this sound right, and what can I do about it ? or do I have to go out and get a new mobo ?

its not a big deal cause its 5 years old and im getting a new PC soon anyway, but I still wanna be able to use it, since I got some pretty important stuff on my harddrives.

the mobo is an Asus A8NE-FM/S and the network controller is some Nvidia nForce controller if you need to know.
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  1. One area to check is the device manager in the control panel. See if the network driver is loaded. You can use a separate network card; I got mine for 88 cents at frys and it's so old that the driver is on a floppy. But it still works. You have an oem socket 939 fujitsu siemens board, which is hard to find. I would limit yourself to spending $50 for a replacement 939 board; any other brand will make your windows installation hard to recover. If you don't need the latest or fastest cpu, the sempron 140 is similar to your old cpu in performance; it will run with ddr2 or ddr3, depending on the motherboard chipset. Good luck.
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