Dedicated PhysX card help

I was looking at using my 8800GT as a PhysX card with my GTX275. I'm using a Corsair HX620W PSU.

The PSU only has 2 PCI-E 6 pin outputs, both of which are being used by the GTX275. The 8800GT needs one when it's used for primary graphics.

Do I still need to connect the PCI-E power output to the 8800GT if I'm just using it for PhysX?

If so, is there another option besides replacing the PSU with one that has more than 2 PCI-E outputs?

I just wanted to try this out on my current build. I'm upgrading to an X58 system in the next month or so. So I could include a new PSU in that build if needed. But didn't want to if I didn't have to.

Thanks for any help/advice.
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