Whats a Good OverClock on Nvidia Gtx 480??

Hello I'm New to OC Video Cards & I was wondering what Kinda Performance would I get if I do Oc?? I have a
Nvidia Gtx 480.... Someone said something bout you can get Performance like the Gtx 580 haves but Idk if that True or not??
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  1. Before you overclock the 480, I suggest getting an aftermarket cooler.
  2. oh ya how much is that & you cant overclock on this stock heatsink??
  3. Well I have two of them and I would not think about overclocking without a good cooler I have gotten them to run at 1000MHz on the core and the card is capable but not without cooling it first.
    It was amuffin that told me to give it a try after I hit 950MHz so I did and it worked could not get the processor to hold stable at the speed necessary for the card to operate that fast but the card was stable the whole time.
  4. the gtx 480 gets on fire, if you overclock it its gonna be very hot, get an aftermarket cooler before anything above stock
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