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OS=Windows XP SP2. Have 2 hard drives (C&D). I use desktop shortcuts to execute explorer.exe on each drive. Cmds are %SystemRoot%\Explorer.exe /e,C:\ and %SystemRoot%\Explorer.exe /e,D:\
The cmd for the C drive works perfectly but the cmd for the D drive does not produce the necessary + sign next to the D drive. It's as if the registry somehow thinks that the D drive is a single file when if fact there are tons of folders and files on it. Interestingly, the + sign for the D drive shows up when I execute the cmd for the C drive!!! But not when I query the D drive on it's own. This is a new problem. Was not happening a few days ago. I have tried removing the D drive from the system and re-installing it but that has not resolved the problem. I'm thinking the problem is in the registry but I do not know where to look nor what to look for. HELP, Please!
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  1. After extensive and exhaustive research into this problem, no one seems able to identify that part of the registry where the error exists (or that part of the registry that is missing which has caused this error). So, I am left with only one, possible solution - I will have to re-install Windows XP.
    While I appreciate the "upgrade" suggestion, I do not consider Vista an upgrade from XP, and I have some compatibility issues with Windows 7 and the software programs my livelihood depend on. So, re-install it is.
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