Can i overclock Dell Optilex Dx280?

Guys my CPU has a core speed of 2.93GHz( i can't tell you in MHz don't know how to do that) and i just badly very badly wants to overclock it to 3.00 GHz and i think you can understand my situation!!!!

Here are my PC specs:

Dell Inc. 0G5611
Intel Pentium 4 516 (2.93 GHz processor)
1 GB of DDR2 Dual Channel RAM
Package 775 Socket
Prescott 90nm Technology
Multiplier x22.0
Chipset model i915P/i915G
Core speed is 2933

Hoping to see the answer positive!!!!!
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  1. Sorry probly not! But you can check by entering the bios and seeing if it has a bclk clock setting or fsb setting.. If it has the setting and it can be adjusted then yes it will overclock.. But most dells lack these settings..
  2. Look i don't know what to do? Even if i enter in the BIOS which i don't know how to how the heck i can find FSB. So please help me i just wanted to get 3.00 GHz!!!!
  3. The best (if you can call it that) and pretty much only option in your situation is to see if a program like SetFSB will work for that system.

    Anyway, I'm almost positive you won't find a setting in that BIOS for adjusting the FSB (or anything else OC related). OEM's like Dell lock down the BIOS pretty extensively to stop you from being able to OC.
  4. Please guys can't you find a way to overclock it please please i really really need can't you understand!!!!
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