How do I install driver?

I've downloaded the SataRaid , and SataAchi drivers, but have no idea how to install them? can someone please help me?
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  1. Please start with what drives you have connected to what ports, and what you intend to do... Don't know if you're loading, say, the Intel RAIDs, and the jMicron ('GSATA2') AHCIs - you don't need/can't use both AHCI and RAID drivers on a single controller... Board model number will be an aid, as well!
  2. alrite, I have intel x25-v and want to use AHCI.

  3. also i hook it up to sata 0 master or w/e it's called lol, but it says its on sata 1 master why?
  4. Assuming you got the correct one for your OS, put it in a directory/folder you will remember, and double-click on it to run it - it will autoextract to another directory with just a few files. If you have a floppy, just copy all the files to a blank floppy; if not, format a USB stick to FAT-32 filesystem, and copy them there...

    Go into your BIOS, and, on the "Integrated Peripherals" page, set "OnChip SATA Type" to "AHCI"; <F10> to save and exit...

    Boot the installer, and when you get to this screen:

    Click on the circled Load Driver item; if you're using floppy, all will be 'automatic'; if USB, you will need to 'navigate' to it... Once you're there, select "AMD AHCI Compatible Controller" (I think - procedure is on pages 81 & 82) - likely only one will be shown... When it finishes, and returns to the screen above, you're ready to finish installing...

    Enjoy the new toy!

    BTW - the master/slave & designations are only there for compatibility with earlier hardware - doesn't mean anything, and, once in AHCI mode, will no longer be seen, anyway...
  5. Wait, i've already installed windows7, will i have to install again!? hope not.. ;/
  6. Try just enabling the AHCI in the BIOS - win7 is supposed to have 'native' AHCI drivers, meaning it should just work... But, I have to tell you - probably seventy percent of the AHCI problems I see here are AMD chipsets...
  7. Alrite, ill try later.. if i have to install win 7 again, I think i'm gonna wait for a get another 1 in a few weekz to make raid0 , can you explain how to do that?... please?
    sowy new to computerz.-.-
  8. Sure - can do! And, from what I hear - well worth the wait! I have two pairs of Velociraptors in RAID0's - well worth the effort!!
  9. yay~~ thx. =3
  10. Always !

    Just for consideration, this is off a pair of VR's in RAID0:

    and, for comparison, this is a standard single drive in AHCI:

    I should think your SSDs will likely double or so the first RAID0 data rate...
  11. You can install AHCI drivers with a registry edit, with Windows 7 or Vista.

    AHCI : Enable in Windows 7 after OS install
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