How to tell GPU clocks?

How can I know if my XFX 4870 is runnning at 2d 600mhz clocks or full 750? GPUZ's logger shows the clocks stuck at 600. And even if I use overdrive to force the clocks to 750, under current freq it shows 600. Is it because of a botched Cat installation? An "install failed" message came up near the end when I changed from 9.6 to 9.12.
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  1. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the CCC.

    Do the clocks change when you run a 3D application ( A game)?

    A fair few cards will underclock themsleves when there not running a 3d app to save energy
  2. No, it isnt running in 600. Its just that it reverts to 600 every time I hit alt-tab. Tried running Crysis in windowed mode- goes to 750 correctly. My bad.
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