Should i upgrade to ATi 4850 from 9600GSO?

I have the ddr3 version of the 9600gso. Im planning to get the HD 4850. But now im confused how much of a difference its gonna it worth the bucks im willing to spend? i can clock my card from 580/1450/700MHz core/shader/memory to somewhat 700/1700/ really tempted to buy the 4850. temptation came from the game Cryostasis, arma 2 etc. i ll play on 1440X900 res. im even cool with 1200X800....please let me know what percentage of a performance boost im gonna get if i buy a hd 4850. is it worth it or shud i save the money for later? thanks in advance.
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  1. This should give you a indication the 9600GSO is somewhere in between the HD4670 and the 9600GT It is going to be over 30% increase.
  2. DDR3 is good but is that the 96 stream processor 9600 GSO or 48? How much memory does it have and what is the memory bus? There are tons of different versions of that card and they can vary widely in performance.
  3. it was the 96 proc had 384 mb ddr3 . 580/1450/700MHz core/shader/memory speeds....
    but i ve already bought the 4850 now.... i hope i made the right decision.
  4. You will be happy with it!
  5. yes i am happy, but ll be happier when i replace my shitty dual core with a quad..
  6. Just OC the hell outta that dual core.
  7. Quote:
    im really tempted to buy the 4850. temptation came from the game Cryostasis, arma 2 etc.

    that cryostasis game has nvidia written all over it. i suggest you opt for a gts250 if you really want to play that game.
  8. i ve done that already....And Thanks guys... u ve been very helpful.
  9. @ wh3resmycar ...yeah...i see that already, its not as CPU dependent as GTA IV or Arma 2, so it shud be with the gpu. And i still don see much of difference in HD 4850 from the gso. That means it can only be Nvidia.The only reason I dint go for gts 250 coz i got a good deal of $117 for the 4850 1GB.
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