CPU-Z shows different cpu clock to the BIOS

Hi everyone this is my firs time posting so be gentle!

The issue I am having is fairly simple to explain and is as follows:

I am overclocking my i5 2500k using this guide http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/265056-11-2600k-2500k-overclocking-guide

I am not new to overclocking, but wanted to get everything done properly as this is my first intel CPU. The problem however is that when I change the cpu ratio in the bios it shows the adjusted clock speeds as it should (4.2ghz in this case), but when I log into windows CPU-Z shows that I am still running stock speeds (3.3ghz rather then 4.2ghz). Even after restarting and going back into the bios it still shows the clock speed as 4.2ghz, but no matter how many times I restart windows CPU-Z always shows stock speeds.

MY set up is as follows:

i5 2500k
MSI Z77A-G45 (latest bios flash)
Sapphire HD5850 extreme
2x2gb gskill ripjaws 1333mhz 8-8-8-24

I should also mention that I have successfully overclocked to 4.2ghz before using OC genie (with the new bios flash) but now CPU-z still shows stock clocks even when using OC genie.

So does anybody have any ideas? Could it just be a false reading from CPU-Z (I have tried reinstalling it).

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  1. have you tried any other programs? (coretemp being one of em, aida64 if your willing to spend 30$) i doubt it's misreading but it's worth a shot
  2. clear CMOS.
  3. what program are you running to put load on your computer?

    Try it as single thread, and also set affinity for the process just to 1 CPU in Taskmanager.
  4. I found the problem...

    in the thread I linked it tells you to disable some of the CPU features and it turns out that having power technology disabled causes my motherboard to ignore the CPU multiplier/ratio. No idea why, perhaps some kind of safety net?

    Anyway I'm now clocked at 4.5Ghz at 1.3v with max temps of 68C under 100% load.

  5. Intel CPUs use speed step under which the CPU only goes up to the overclock speed when it is under load.

    Use OCCT which will load your CPU and tell you voltages, temps, CPU speed while testing.
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