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Hey there,
Im new to the custom PC world, seeing before only using Dells, etc... My question is..


fit in an EVGA 680i motherboard? The EVGA 680i specs say that it supports up to DDR2 800 Mhz ram, yet this RAM im looking to buy is 1066 MHz Dual Channel. Does Dual Channel mean anything when it comes to requirements, and will this RAM be compatiable with my Mobo. If someone can post back giving some info that would be great.

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    It should. Dual channel memory means that you run two, or a multiple of two sticks simultaneously. I.e., 2x1 GB, 2x2 GB, 4x1 GB or 4x2 GB, and 4x4 GB are all examples of dual channel. It should work in that board, EVGA has listed similar RAM kits on its QVL.

    Is this a new build? Have you already bought the EVGA 680i board? If not there are better options available.
  2. Well actually I'm getting into building my own PC's and stripping my old Dell apart and salvaging anything I can. I'm using a intel core 2 quad q 6600 CPU and was able to pick the 680i up for cheap. (yes I did buy the mobo already)

    I've got an Antec 1200 on it's way so there will be plent of room for upgrading in the future :)

    Thanks so much for your help!
  3. You're welcome. :)

    Have fun building your PC - I certainly did with mine.
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