Is there away around dedicated phyx using an ati card with a nvidia ca

ok, im thinking about getting a 5770 but i already have a 9800gtx was wondering if anyone has come up with away around the catalyst drivers so i can use the 5770 as main and the 9800gtx as dedicated psyx?

also one more question wich companies still do a step up program does anyone know off hand
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    Yes, I'm doing that now, but with an 8800gt as my dedicated card.

    Following these instructions:

    You can skip step 2 if you already plan to use a 2nd monitor for more desktop room, but don't plan to game with the 2nd monitor.
  2. thats kool sounds loike a lot of risky moding though. will have to look into it more i9n depth
  3. It's not nearly as scary as it looks. The only strange thing is the trick to make it appear to have a 2nd monitor connected to the phsyx card, but it's quite simple in all reality.
  4. just wondering if i do this trick to get psyhx, would i need a fast pyshx card if i use a 5850 as my main card? or would a 9600gso do for psyhx with that card, or will it slow my pother down
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