Upgrading my laptop cpu?

Hey Folks ive had my laptop about a year now, i use it for gaming quite a bit. But its only an intel core 2 duo 2.0 ghz (t6400) and was wanting to possibly get it upgraded.

My question is can i upgrade it to something like a Intel Core i7 720QM. or would it not fit since its a core 2 duo in it? its an "acer aspire 6930G". Can anyone help me find out what the best possibly upgrade i could hope for would be.
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  1. No you CAN'T upgrade to a i7 because they are different sockets/chipset,etc.
  2. So what would be the best processor i could upgrade to any ideas? thanks
  3. Laptop aren't very upgrade friendly the most you can do to them is upgrade ram and maybe change out hard drives. CPU upgrades rarely work in laptops. If it was possible to upgrade your CPU an I7 will simply not fit it is different socket all together. The fastest processor that would actually fit would be a T9900 has 1066 FSB and a 2.93 core clock (good luck finding it). Now I checked Acers website and they do have a bios update that came out about a year ago not sure if they might of added support for any other processor its really hit or miss upgrading a CPU in a laptop. Your best bet would be to call ACER and see if it is compatible.

    Your Chipset for that laptop is a PM45/GM45 the T9900 i listed is the fastest that Intel says will work with that chipset but you still have to find out if Acer has written support into there bios for it.

    With all that being said is it worth all the work and money? No you will see a slight increase in performance but nothing worth the time and money.

    Now as i was digging around i noticed they offered alot of different graphic cards for that model now some laptops actually have the ability to change graphic cards the best one they offered for that model was an ATI mobility 4650 and a NVIDIA 9600M. I think it might be worth investigating if it is possible and your best bet to find this out is to call acer yourself. Well i hope that helps Good Luck
  4. You're looking at something no less than $200 for CPU upgrade. You would benefit more from a GPU upgrade but not all laptops can do that. Check with your manufacturer.
  5. I found this on ebay they want $420 for the t9900


    So even if it would work its not very cost effective you might as well sell that laptop and get a new one for the money you would spend on the CPU.
  6. It is technically possible to upgrade a laptop CPU but I really don't think it is worth your time and money.

    Your CPU is in the highest TDP bracket for non Extreme(ly expensive) mobile C2Ds so the cooling system and power distribution *should* be sufficient for any other 35W Penryn.

    Even if the chipset support 1066 FSB, it doesn't mean the motherboard and BIOS can even work with another class of CPU than the one your laptop was designed to ship with.

    A video card upgrade is iffy at best, you will have to make sure that the cooling system in your laptop can actually cope with a higher thermal load, not to mention power regulation and distribution.

    In both cases, you will have to find them on the market at a fair price, good luck !

    One thing you might want to consider is switching your HDD for an SSD, we've had a lot of success replacing HDDs with X25-V SSDs in C2D based laptops according to ecstatic user feedback, then again, we're talking about roadwarriors using office productivity apps, YMMV.
  7. Thanks for your help guys. ive already got a decent gpu. "9600m gt 1gb
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