GA-MA78GM-US2H HDMI does notwork after windows 7 update

Quite frankly, I give up. I've never ever ran into a computer issue I could not figure out and fix myself (or with a little bit of online searching). Now i'm completely 100% stumped. So incredibly frustrated i'm about to smash my computer into a million tiny bits. So PLEASE someone, any help would be so greatly appreciated you have no idea.

So, let me give you a quick rundown of my issue.

My computers pertinent specs:

Motherboard: Gagabyte GA-MA78GM-US2H (rev 1.0)
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 3200
Chipset Model: 780G
Southbridge Model: SB700
Southbridge Revision: 00

Under device manager
ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics Driver: 8.753.0.0
CCC Version: 2010.0706.2128.36662

Windows 7 professional x64

So, when I originally purchased the components of this computer and had it up and running it was installed with Vista x64 OS and was my HTPC. As I got more and more sick of Vista, and more happy with 7 as an OS, I decided to make a project out of upgrading the OS this past weekend. Everything went smoothly (or so I thought), got 7 up and running no problem. System is 100% fine, I got all my HTPC software all installed and optimized with my media library. I was ecstatic, this system was going to be great! Then, I decided heck lets test it out on the big screen! (I have a small flat screen monitor hooked up through VGA on my desk I use to work with the setup). So I went to plug in the HDMI the way I always did previously (which I never had a problem with), and low and behold, absolutely no picture shows up on the TV. Originally, I thought nothing of it, as I normally had to unplug and replug in the HDMI cable from the TV to get picture to show up, but to no avail, no picture would ever show.

So I restarted the computer hoping for a fix. I notice on the TV with the HDMI plugged in (and the VGA monitor plugged as well) that upon initial startup the TV actually displays the bootup of the system! The first screen where you can get into the BIOS if the correct button is pressed, etc. Once windows begins loading though, black screen again, no video, no input. I made sure all the drivers were correctly installed. CCC does not show another monitor present, nothing on my system wherever I look detects a second display! I reinstalled the drivers, did a driversweep, everything. No avail. The TV will display the picture up until windows starts loading.

Next I tried booting the system without the VGA monitor on my desk connected. Same exact thing, once windows starts loading black screen. As soon as I plug the VGA back in it instantly comes on, no problems. No detection of the HDTV.

Reminder, this system WAS setup and worked JUST FINE previously, with vista x64 installed, so this SHOULD be working fine with windows 7 as well!

Then I got frustrated, so I went into the device manager and just uninstalled the display adapters driver. Restart the computer with NO DRIVER for the HD 3200, and once windows starts to load I GET A PICTURE ON THE TV!!. So weird, I thought. I then reinstalled the correct chipset drivers, CCC, everything the way it SHOULD be, reboot the system, and the picture is gone! No detection of second display, nothing. This seals the deal to me that it's a driver related issue, but I just cannot figure out what I could possibly do next to help this!

Please please please please someone, any help would be appreciated!! I feel like i'm taking crazy pills!
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  1. Go to and download (then install) the most current 10.7 drivers/CCC for your system:

    This should do the trick. Good luck!
  2. Might try checking the "Force TV Detect" item on the "Disply Options" page...
  3. Tried every possible and most current drivers. The force TV option is non-existant in CCC unless im missing something...
  4. What version of CCC do you have currently installed? When you go into CCC's Desktop & Displays, does it show the display properly?

    BTW, do you have the same HDTV connected via HDMI and VGA? Or, are there 2 displays?
  5. I'm at work right now, i'll have to wait until I get home to tell you the exact version, but it's the latest one from their website.

    2 different displays, the TV HDMI the other, VGA.

    The thing that is driving me crazy is that the boot screen shows up on the tv!! it's as soon as the windows loading page pops up it disappears!

    UGHH, and uninstalling the driver in device manager and restarting the stupid picture works perfectly fine, but installing the VGA driver again, no video.
  6. Maybe the setting just doesn't exist for on-board GPU's?
  7. Perhaps, but that option is definitely not there for me in CCC.

    Which STILL begs the question to me, since this system was up and running perfectly fine in Vista, why the heck does it choose to not work in 7!?? I made literally no hardware changes...
  8. Difference may be:
    Vista forced the computer to scan for monitor confiuration changes every few seconds. This caused multiple issues and Windows 7 no longer performs this scan. Digital connections (HDMI) and some analog connections allow "hot plug detect" which informs Windows that a monitor has been connected/disconnected. When this happens, Windows will automatically adjust your monitor settings to match the current hardware configuration. When an external monitor does not support this, you will need to manually tell the machine to scan for changes. This can be performed from the Display control panel (click "Detect" or from the Projection UI.


    ...also stumbled across this:
  9. Hi,

    I am having the same EXACT problem. My computer specs are as follows:

    CPU: Pentium IV 3.0GHz Prescott
    MB: Gigabyte 8S661FXMP-RZ
    Video Card: Gigabyte ATI Radeon HD 4650 1GB GV-R465D2-1GI AGP 8x
    OS: Windows 7 Pro 32-bit

    I am really close to sending the video card back and scraping this HTPC project. I just got rid of cable and really wanted to turn this older PC into a HTPC.

    It's definitely a driver issue. It seems like it's just a matter of ATI putting out a new updated driver. I'm going to keep looking and will post any updates I find. VERY FRUSTRATED!! :fou:
  10. I gave up.

    Reinstalled Vista x64. Installed the EXACT FREAKIN SAME DRIVERS I had for Windows 7. Everything works perfect.


    It MUST be something to do with the older MOBO I have...
  11. It was an issue of which display was the primary and the secondary.
  12. Mike here. I have encountered a very similar black screen problem after downloading and installing ATI Radion HD 3200 driver upday v. 10.12 dated 12-13-2010. I was updating from what was probably it's earliest driver, v. dated 8-29-2008. The screen went black. I tried to reboot. I CANNOT EVEN REBOOT, NOT even in Safe Mode, much less an ordinary reboot from the computers power button. Maybe I'm not doing the latter right. I push the button and hold down the F8 button. >>black screen. I tried again tapping the F8 button. >>black screen. I'm not a novice either, but I'm stumped. I'm using Vista, 64 bit operating system. It was running nicely until I installed the updated driver.

    Now what? Any ideas?
  13. I have motherboard ma ga 78m us2h with ati hd 3200 built in with and hdmi not working i do not know why.? I got all the time on hdtv no signal it is work with vga cable but it is no sound i am really sad and going to be crazy :o:fou:
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