Building rig for myself first time.!!!HELP!!!

Hi guys, First of all thank you so much for helping me in selecting the parts. Here’s the list of parts so far. I am just a student, so please tell me where I can save or where it is worth spending more. Any feedback will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Purpose: Performance PC/ HD Video Editing/ Multimedia PC. NO GAMING AT ALL.

Budget: To save as much as I can while not compromising with quality so much.

OC: Yes. Up to safe mode. 3.8Ghz

Platform: WIN 7 Ultimate X64. (I already have that)

Parts Finalised So Far

Processor: i7 920
RAM: CORSAIR XMS3 6GB DDR3 1333. CL: 7. Timing: 7-7-7-20. Voltage: 1.5v Model:TR3X6G1333C7 G
HDD: Seagate 1 TB. 7200rpm. SATA. (I already have that)
PSU: Corsair 520w HX520
DVD Writer: Liteon (selected vs Pioneer vs Sony)
Mobo: Asus P6T (selected vs P6T Deluxe vs Gigabyte EX58-UD5)

Comments: PC authority recommends Gigabyte. It’s in their top list. Check here. Any feedback???
GPU: ASUS Radeon HD 4670
Comments: Is it too much or too less? I need HDMI output and1920X1080 true resolution in the end.
PC Case: Gigabyte Setto 1024 AXBS11-CNB
Comments: Would that be all right for the airflow? We are doing OCing. I don’t wanna spend too much on case at this stage. I’ll upgrade the case later otherwise I really liked Cooler Master HAF 932RC–932M-KKN1-GP.
Monitor: Asus MS246H.
Comments: Anyone knows another good design monitor 2ms response, Res: 1920X1080, HDMI input and with TV Tuner at a budget price.
Cooling: I need your opinion on that.
Comments: I don’t wanna spend on after market cooling at this stage. Is it really necessary?
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  1. You should consider the ASUS P6X58D Premium because it has USB 3.0, SATA 6 GB/s, and is compatible with the new Gulftown six-core processors to introduced later this year.

    Get a ATI 5750 video card because it will be widely supported in the coming years, and will allow you to easily hook up to three monitors.

    If your willing to send in a rebate form, Newegg has the HAF 922 right now for $80.

    I would also suggest you get a Hyper 212 CPU cooler for $30 because it is much easier to install while the motherboard is out of the case.

    The rest of your build looks fine. Good luck!
  2. Agree with most of dpaul's suggestions.

    Only disagreement is the 5750. Dig deep and get the $15 for the 5770. It's much better for almost nothing.
  3. I AM NOT INTO GAMES. STILL I NEED 5750 OR 5770???

    While the 5770 is a good budget gaming card, I didn't suggest it for that reason. I suggested (and the 5750) because they are perfect for HD playback. They're cool and quiet, making watching whatever enjoyable. It just so happens that in you're budget range, the gaming and HTPC needs align.

    Anything above the 5770 is a pure gaming choice. Which we didn't suggest.
  5. If your budget is really tight, the 4670 video card will work fine for your needs. However, if you can afford the 5750 (or 5770), these cards provide a lot more functionality. An added benefit is that they do not use a lot of power and run relatively cool.
  6. cool. will buy 5750 or 5770. let me check which one i grab better deal
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