Evga P55 V E651

As i'm reading some reviews i see people say their isn't enough room for dual 2 slot Nvidia cards. Anyone here with the mobo or knowledge of it to speak on it please let me know. Im in the process of building a Core i5 build and made the mistake of buying a mobo that only supports crossfire. Don't want to get this and my 250 GTS's not fit >.< Not worried about case size. I'm using a Thermaltake V4 Black Edition.

Thank you!


The pci-e x16 slots are to close together to to run dual graphics cards that are medium to large profile. The bios is very basic, no overclocking or voltage adjustments. EVGA E-LEET overclocking utility is LOCKED on this board so you will not be able to adjust anything. Windows driver database does not have a driver for the onboard LAN

^ is the review in question.
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  1. I'm pretty sure two dual slot GTS 250s should fit, I don't see why not as a dual slot card only takes the slot its mean to be plugged into and the socket directly next to it, so two cards should fit.
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